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Project Management Training – Spring 2020

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Staff and Faculty Discounts:

The Goodman School of Mines is now offering discounted rates for all of our Project Management training for Laurentian Staff and Faculty. You can get more information below and register.

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Project Management Essentials

March 23-25, 2020

The course introduces participants to the tools and terminology of Project Management without incorporating overwhelming jargon. The course focuses on introducing and developing practical skills that can be applied immediately, in any industry, to increase the success of projects. The course is fun, fast-paced, interactive and provides an approachable introduction to the world of project management.

Staff and Faculty Discounted Rate:

Project Management Essentials - $1,295 +HST

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Staff and Faculty Discount

Procurement management, and especially contract administration, has become essential project management skills in today’s trend of outsourcing all but the company’s core competencies.
We will guide you through procurement practices, solicitation of bids, contract negotiations and provide a taste of contract law. This 1 or 2-day course will provide the basic tools required for project managers in these areas. It will also offer you an insight into the role of the procurement officer on a project team.

Staff and Faculty Discounted Rate:

Project Procurement & Contract Management - $449 +HST

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Staff and Faculty Discount

Many organizations are now introducing agile delivery techniques into the workplace with the goal of delivering faster, with greater efficiency. To achieve these benefits, agile methods encourage closer collaboration between the project business stakeholders and the project delivery team, they encourage the lowering of barriers (functional silos) between roles, and they promote communications techniques that foster a culture of openness and transparency. This level of change may create resistance for some people who have difficulty adapting. One of the best ways of overcoming such resistance is through education.


This workshop aims to introduce stakeholders and project team members to the agile way of working using the common Scrum framework. Unlike typical Scrum-based training, however, the course expands the framework to include an overview of agile requirements management techniques and agile estimating and planning techniques that are used to set reasonable stakeholder expectations at the start of an agile project.

Staff and Faculty Discounted Rate:

Introduction to Agile Project Management - $449 +HST

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Staff and Faculty Discount

PMP/CAPM Exam Preparation

April 27 – May 1, 2020

This 5-day course is an intense review of exam material. At the beginning of each module, there is a practice pre-test before the presentation of the course material which is followed by realistic, challenging, multiple-choice questions. This course is aligned with the PMBOK 6th Edition and includes access to an online exam simulator. For participants preparing for the CAPM Exam, questions for the CAPM Exam will be distributed during class.

Staff and Faculty Discounted Rate:

PMP/CAPM Exam Preparation - $1,795 +HST

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Staff and Faculty Discount

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