Graduate Programs

We are uniquely positioned to deliver top-flight academic programs in an ideal setting to teach to the mining cycle


Teaching to the Mining Cycle is easy if you have the right mix of courses, the right opportunities for providing students, all students including undergraduate, graduate and returning professionals with the best programming possible. However, it is not just the best programming, it is the location of school, it is the opportunity to meet with professionals working in your chosen career, it is the opportunity to work alongside a living laboratory.


The Goodman School of Mines is located adjacent to one of the best mining camps in the world and on the edge of some of the most productive and fertile geology in the world. It is not just a world for Earth Scientists or Engineers, it is a world for students of Commerce, Indigenous Studies, Ecologists and Biologists and students working in Occupational Safety and Health who are striving to make the workplace a safe place to work.


Our campuses also hosts world-class research centres!



Graduate Program Offerings at Laurentian University

Earth Sciences
Harquail School of Earth Sciences
Bharti School of Engineering
School of the Environment


Department of Biology
Indigenous Studies
School of Indigenous Relations
Faculty of Management
Northern Development
School of Northern Development
  • MA in Northern Economic Development (planned)
Occupational Health & Safety
School of Human Kinetics


School of Rural and Northern Health