About the Goodman School of Mines:

The Goodman School of Mines was created to help Canada meet the impending employment shortfall in the mining industry that is estimated to be between 60,000 and 130,000 new workers by 2020, many of which will require a university degree. Our vision is to be the University for the development of world-class credentials in the five key areas that define the mining cycle:


in the three key areas in society (People & Community, Environment & Ecology, Economy) that are impacted by it.


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About Sudbury, Ontario, Canada:

With three postsecondary institutions, leading medical facilities, and a rich mining history, Sudbury, Ontario is known as the capital of Northern Ontario. With that comes the Northern weather.


Visiting Sudbury in February, students can expect several feet of snow, with temperatures potentially dipping in the -30s and -40s Celsius. Students are asked to bring warm clothing for winter weather, including boots (walking to and from certain venues) and a winter jacket. There will be coat-check services available during the competition’s events.


It is worth noting that flights to and from Sudbury could be delayed or cancelled due to winter weather.


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The Sudbury Structure is a famous geological feature that hosts one of the largest concentrations of nickel-copper sulphides in the world. The Sudbury Basin, 27 km (17 mi.) wide, 60 km (37 mi.) long and 15 km (10 mi.) deep, is believed to have been formed by a meteorite impact 1.8 billion years ago.


Sudbury is home to the largest integrated mining complex in the world. There are 5,000 km (3,107 mi.) of mining tunnels under the Sudbury area. Placed end-to-end, you could drive from Sudbury to Vancouver underground.


There are a total of 330 freshwater lakes within the city – more lakes than any other municipality in Canada. Lake Wahnapitae is the largest city contained lake in the world. Ramsey Lake, in the heart of Sudbury, is the second.


Sudbury’s landmark Big Nickel is 9 metres (30 ft.) high and recognized around the world.


Sudbury has the third largest Francophone population in Canada outside of Quebec.


Laurentian University launched an unprecedented research initiative named Metal Earth which received $104 million in funding from the Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF) and academia and industry partners.