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Laurentian University’s world-class programs lead to a vast array of career opportunities in the mining sector and beyond.


The industry is poised for exponential growth and is seeking mining executives and sector professionals to join its workforce. We invite you to discover career options and pathways to a successful future. Whether you imagine yourself in a corporate boardroom, travelling the world or in the great outdoors, we have a bright future in mind for you!

Earth Sciences


Harquail School of Earth Sciences

MSc Geology

Explore the earth to understand the resources.

Applied MSc in Mineral Exploration (1 Year)

Explore the earth to understand the resources.

Applied MSc in Mineral Exploration (2 Year)

Explore the earth to understand the resources.

PhD Mineral Deposits and Precambrian Geology

Expand your knowledge of geosciences.

Environment / Ecology

School of the Environment

Science Communication – Graduate Diploma (1 Year)

Communicate the facts & engage the masses.

Science Communications – M.S.Com (2 Years)

Communicate the facts & engage the masses.

Department of Biology

MSc Biology

Examine the science of life.

PhD Boreal Ecology

Answer the global call for expertise.

Indigenous Engagement

School of Indigenous Relations

Master of Indigenous Relations (MIR)

Benefit from interactions with supportive and knowledgeable faculty.


Bharti School of Engineering

MEng Engineering Science (Project Based)

Create new ways to solve the most important issues facing our world today.

M.A.Sc Engineering Science (Research Based)

Consider and analyze the human impact on the natural systems around us.

Fast Track Master of Engineering (1 Year)

Benefit from a unique perspective, not available in other North American universities.

PhD Engineering Science

Use creativity and technological tools to design sustainable processes for resource management at Canada’s Mining University.

Labour Studies

There are no graduate options. Please see undergraduate programs.

Occupational Safety and Health

School of Human Kinetics

Master’s in Human Kinetics

Keep-up with a health-conscious public.

PhD Human Kinetics

Training progressive thinkers and leaders to innovate and expand knowledge in Human Kinetics.

School of Rural and Northern Health

MA or MSc Interdisciplinary Health

Gain knowledge from various health fields.

MSW Social Work

Engage in personal and community change.

PhD Rural and Northern Health

Research rural and northern health.