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Canadian Mining, Like Diamonds, Is Forever
Pierre Lassonde, Chairman Franco-Nevada Corporation


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Mining, along with fishing and forestry, have been part of the economic life of Canada since the development of North America by the Europeans in the 17th Century. Canada’s strategic advantages are its second largest land mass in the world and land is where you find all minerals, and 90% of it’s population live within 200km from it’s border with the USA. The key challenges our mining industry faces and needs to be addressed are: The discovery rate of all minerals is falling at an alarming pace at the same time as mining costs are going up inexorably doubling if not tripling in the past 20 years, and Universities such as Laurentian must help develop new exploration and mining technologies that will be game changers. Industry will need less students, but they will need to be better prepared and be the best and smartest if we want to stay at the forefront of this business.


Please join us at 7 p.m. in the Fraser Auditorium at Laurentian University on November 6, 2014.


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Admission is free. Free parking in lot 1. Tickets are required for entry. Seating is limited. Lecture is in English.


November 06, 2014


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