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Final Report: Mining Health, Safety and Prevention Review

June 25, 2015

The Mining Health Safety and Prevention Review released its final report on April 15, 2015.  Over the course of 15 months, the Review studied the state of health and safety in Ontario mines.  The result of this work were 18 recommendations designed to get miners home safe.  These recommendations were clustered in the 6 themes of the Review, the capacity of the mining health and safety system to meet the needs of the mining sector, training, emergency plans and mine rescue, the Internal Responsibility System, hazard identification and mitigation, and new technology/management of change processes.


While the Review collected information from a variety of sources including extensive public consultation and research into past inquires and coroner jury recommendations.  The Director of the Review will provide an overview of the Review process.  The facilitators of the 6 working groups dedicated to the themes of the Review will provide an overview of their work and the Review’s recommendations relating to their themes.



Panel List:

Wayne De L’Orme – Ministry of Labour – Director of the Mining Health Safety and Prevention Preview


Robert Barclay – Ministry of Labour – Provincial Co-ordinator of the Mining Program – Facilitator of the Capacity and the Hazards working groups


Robert Merwin – Ministry of Northern Development and Mines – Assistant Deputy Minister – Facilitator of the Training, Skills and Labour Development working group


Victor Pakalnis – President and CEO – MIRARCO – Facilitator of the New Technology and Management of Change working group


Alex Gryska – Workplace Safety North – General Manager – Mine Rescue – Facilitator of the Emergency Preparedness and Mine Rescue working group


Megan Waque – Workplace Safety North – Stakeholder Communications Specialist – Facilitator of the Internal Responsibility System working group

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