Career Path Mapping – WANTED: Engineers, Geologists and Environmental Scientists


What is Career Path Mapping?

The availability of professionals who are ready to fill pending retirement roles in geology, engineering, and environmental sciences does not meet the demand. A concerning gap is being created. As a result, less experienced professionals will be promoted to fill higher level roles, in which they will not necessarily have had the experience, the learned-skills, and behaviours to perform well in these positions.


To ensure the sustainability and quality of mining industry professionals, researchers from Laurentian University in Canada and James Cook University in Australia are conducting a study to identify the skill, competency and behavioural gaps felt by mining professionals currently working in geology, engineering, and environmental sciences. The study’s goal is to develop career training maps to guide professionals by indicating the knowledge and training that they should acquire during each stage of their career. The Goodman School of Mines at Laurentian University plans on developing online and hybrid learning modules, collaboratively with other educational providers, which meet the training needs of the mining industry and ensures that professionals are provided with the knowledge to perform at their best.


However, in order to complete our study, we need professional geologists, engineers and environmental scientists in mining to fill out our survey at:


Please take the time to have your say and provide this important information to help sustain the future of your profession! Thank you!