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Cliff Fielding Building Progress – October 20, 2017


Cliff Fielding Building Progress



The new Cliff Fielding Building is currently under construction. The above video is a mockup of what the finished building will look like. Laurentian has also set up a camera that has been taking pictures of the construction of the building from day one. The link below will take you to a timelapse video showcasing how much progress has been made. You can also explore the website linked below that allows you to go back to the start of construction and see each individual image.


Officially opening in 2018, the new building will include collaborative research and development space, innovation and commercialization space, as well as much needed space for the award-winning Bharti School of Engineering. It will feature four capstone innovation labs, a material analysis lab, environmental and soil mechanics lab, prototype development and machine shop, integrated software lab and lecture theatre, and a hydraulics and fluid mechanics lab. Each of these spaces have been identified in consultation with local industry in order to maximize inter-disciplinary opportunities.


Timelapse Video


Cliff Fielding Update Website