Deformation-Based Support Design for Burstprone Mines (Module 1) – Fall 2021



Module 1: Principles and Practical Implications (ONLINE)

New available short course for Engineering team members, Senior Operations team members, and students.


As mines go deeper and get larger, mine designs become more fragile largely due to the response of the rock mass to mining. Ground control and rock support become significant levers in the construction schedule, production performance, and excavation health. This demands a shift from common to better and best practices in support design for brittle ground when displacements induced by stress-fracturing consume much of the support’s capacity.


The course consists of three hours of presentations with active interactions presented in a virtual delivery format. As much as possible, the course material will be tailored to the needs of the participants or hosting company and the common support technologies adopted at the operations of the attendees.


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Module 1: Principles and Practical Implications – Online | September 28, 2021 – $349 +HST (Regular Rate: $399 +HST)


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Module 1: Principles and Practical Implications – Online | September 28, 2021 – $49 +HST (Regular Rate: $99 +HST)


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Module 1: Principles and Practical Implications

September 28, 2021

10:00 am to 2:00 pm EST

This course deals with the functionality of the rock support in deforming ground. It presents an overview of guiding principles, the motivation for change, and the potential benefits for mining operations. It focuses on opportunities to overcome deficiencies in current practices and opportunities for safe and cost-effective rock support strategies. Key aspects for change management when moving toward deformation-based support design and when adopting preventive support maintenance procedures are introduced.


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