Integrating Spectral Mineralogy and Geochemistry for Exploration Success – November 12


ALS and AusSpec Hyperspectral Mineralogy Workshop - Sudbury

Integrating Spectral Mineralogy and Geochemistry for Exploration Success – November 12

Mineral identification with infrared spectrometry is commonly used in exploration and mining. Portable high-resolution spectrometers allow quick and straightforward collection of large volumes of hyperspectral data in the field, core shack, or lab. The interpreted data can be used to semi-quantitatively identify fine grained alteration minerals that are often missed or incorrectly named, including clays, carbonates, sulfates and others.
But accessing fast and robust hyperspectral interpretation in a format that can be combined with other exploration data remains a challenge. New techniques and products such as aiSIRISTM, developed by AusSpec International, seek to bridge this gap, regardless of the project scale or commodity. The reliable and standardized output from aiSIRISTM means hyperspectral data can be accurately interpreted, easily imported to databases and readily exported to modelling software in the same timeframe as geochemical assays.
This workshop is geared towards non-experts, particularly project geologists and managers who need to understand and work with spectral mineralogy as part of an overarching geological program.
Agenda includes:
• A complete introduction to hyperspectral mineralogy
• Explanation of the most common pitfalls around interpretation of hyperspectral data
• Demonstration of aiSIRISTM, a new tool that can be used in the normal project workflow to quickly and easily integrate spectral mineralogy to the project database
• Discussion of techniques to assess hyperspectral mineralogy in combination with geochemistry and other exploration data using geostatistical and 3D modelling software
Dr. Sasha Pontual:
has worked in spectral geology for 25 years, finishing her doctorate in 1990 and going on to work for the CSIRO (an Australian reserach organization) developing applications for portable spectrometers in exploration and mining. In 1992 she started AusSpec International Limited to provide hyperspectral field, driling and mapping support for the exploration and mining industry. Sasha and her colleagues at AusSpec developed the aiSIRISTM hyperspectral interpretation system in response to the difficulties that industry clients faced in accessing and utilizing expert hyperspectral interpretation on a large scale.
Sarah Rice:
is Senior Geochemist with ALS Geochemistry. She works with industry clients to design custom-fit analytical solutions to geochemical problems and works on the development of cutting-edge analytical methods in exploration. Sarah graduated in 2012 with an M.Sc. in geochemistry and previously worked as a research assistant in the Queen’s Facility for Isotope Research at Queen’s University, Canada.
ASD-PANalytical representatives will be present at some workshops, locations TBD.






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