Goodman Gold Challenge 2020 – Compete for the cash equivalent of four ounces of gold!



19 - Gala:Kinross

The 4th Annual Goodman Gold Challenge Registration is Open


The Goodman Gold Competition (GGC) is the most unique and realistic mining investment competition for undergraduate students in the world and registration is now open! There are only twelve spots available so it is advised that teams reserve their spots as soon as possible.


Using existing companies in their current situations, the GGC is unlike all other competitions; not paper-based and not using fictitious companies.


This challenge enacts an investment scenario in which each participating university team plays the role of a finance firm. The firms are competing for a single, wealthy client’s business and their investment committee.


Executives from three real mining companies will “pitch” their business to the teams, and they will need to select one in which to invest.


The teams will have to prove through thorough analysis that they indeed have a better investment strategy, better return, and the best justification for their decision.


Last year, teams from across North America competed for the cash equivalent of four ounces of gold and the University of Toronto took home the gold and won first place! Who will GO FOR GOLD in 2020?


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