LU Ranks 50th in World

Laurentian University ranks 50th in the world for Mining and Mineral Engineering

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ShanghaiRankings rates Laurentian programs 50th in the world, sixth in Canada


A Chinese educational consultancy has ranked Laurentian University’s mining and mineral engineering programs among the best in the world. According to ShanghaiRankings’ most recent edition of its publication, Academic Ranking of Global Universities, our school comes fiftieth in the world and sixth in Canada.


The ranking is based on a few key factors, including the number of times that research generated by a given institution is cited in an academic paper. Much of this is achieved through teamwork with institutions in other countries. Laurentian researchers are proud to continue a tradition of cooperation beyond borders, an important practice which continues to receive international attention.


On behalf of the university, we wish to congratulate all involved for their continued efforts in leading the way for mining research in Canada, particularly our colleagues in the Goodman School of Mines, the Bharti School of Engineering, and the Harquail School of Earth Sciences.


“Due to its location in Sudbury with so many active mines and the major mining companies, Laurentian University has been, since its inception, quite strong in teaching and research in mining engineering. We are very pleased with such a recognition, and we attribute it to the dedication and high caliber of the professors in the Bharti School of Engineering.” Osman Abou-Rabia, Interim Executive Director of the Goodman School of Mines