MERC – Modular Course in Exploration Geophysics – December 6-15, 2017

Earth Sciences, MERC

MERC – Modular Course:

Exploration Geophysics

December 6, 2017 – December 15, 2017

Harquail School of Earth Sciences, Laurentian University

Course Description:
 10-day intensive course in geophysical methods as they are applied to mineral exploration is being offered by the Harquail School of Earth Sciences (HES) and the Mineral Exploration Research Centre (MERC) at Laurentian University.  The course will be classroom based with lectures in the morning and early afternoon and laboratory exercises in the late afternoon.  Topics to be covered include the physical properties of rocks and how these can be inferred from geophysical data.  The role that geophysics plays in mineral exploration programs will also be discussed.  The course is structured such that each day will cover one of the methods used in mineral exploration.  In each case, the material will be presented by an academic or industry person who is an expert in that method.  The specific methods covered are gravity methods, magnetic methods, electrical and induced polarization methods, electromagnetic methods, gamma-ray spectrometry, reflection seismology, borehole methods and airborne methods.  There will also be talks from industry representatives discussing the importance of geophysical methods in exploration, and how borehole EM is used in the search and delineation of conductive ore.  The final day will be a presentation by staff from the Ontario Geological Survey on the role that public domain data can have in the mineral exploration process.  A regional interpretation of public domain data will also be undertaken.  The course does not rely heavily in mathematics, but attempts to impart an understanding of the basic scientific principles.  There is a strong emphasis on case studies and laboratory exercises.


Instructor: Dr. Richard Smith (MERC/HES)



Course Format: Lectures, laboratory practicals, and problem sets.



Course Credit: 3 credits, applicable toward thesis-based or coursework-based MSc programs and PhD programs; also applicable toward continuing education and professional development requirements for Professional Registration. A participation certificate will be issued on request.



Prerequisites: Advanced undergraduate-level courses in Geology. 



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Course Cost for Industry: $2500 (CDN) + GST for the entire course (including all digital course notes, materials, etc.) or $300 (CDN) + GST per day for individual course days.



Course Costs for Enrolled Students: Graduate students enrolled in other Ontario universities will not pay fees directly to Laurentian, but their home institution, as they can enroll through the Ontario Visiting Graduate Student program. Laurentian students should enroll through the normal channels. 


When: December 6, 2017 – December 15, 2017

Register: Contact: Roxane Mehes – or 705-673-6575

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