Modern Mining & Technology Sudbury (MMTS) Week – April 12-18, 2019


MMTS Week consisted of multiple different activities for local elementary and high school students with the goal of educating and opening eyes to the role mining and mining companies have played in building our community and ensuring it maintains its natural beauty for generations to come. Below are some highlights:


  • Students participated in tours of the Sudbury Basin and learned how the mining industry evolved and how the environment has been restored.
  • Students got to explore Dynamic Earth


  • There were teacher workshops that provided Grade 7-8 teachers with earth science-based curriculum-linked activities for their classrooms


  • The MineOpportunity Challenge for high school students also took place. This challenge encouraged friendly competition and teamwork through a game that explores geology, engineering and mining. Students answer questions and take part in activities that are hands-on and curriculum based.


  • Tradeshow at the New Sudbury Centre to increase community engagement and learning about Sudbury’s mining industry


  • MMTS publishes a magazine every year that coincides with MMTS Week. This year’s magazine can be found online here.


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