October 21-28 | Hydrothermal Ore Deposits Short Course

Earth Sciences

The Departments of Earth Sciences at the University of Ottawa and Laurentian University are pleased to announce the 2017 Joint Modular Course in HYDROTHERMAL ORE DEPOSITS, which will be held at the University of Ottawa October 21-28, 2017.

The course will feature 4 two-day modules to be presented by Dr. Mark Hannington (University of Ottawa), Dr. Daniel Kontak (Laurentian), Dr. Matthew Leybourne (Laurentian), Dr. Richard Goldfarb (Consultant), Dr. Jeremy Richards (Laurentian), Dr. David Burrows (Vale), Dr. J. Bruce Gemmell (CODES), Dr. Steve Piercey (Memorial University) and Dr. Robert Seal (USGS).

Oct 21 & 22  A Practical Guide to the Ore Elements, Minerals and Fluids

Oct 23 & 24  Orogenic Gold Deposits and Porphyry-Related Systems

Oct 25 & 26  Epithermal Systems and Iron Oxide-Copper-Gold Deposits

Oct 27 & 28  Volcanogenic Massive Sulfides and Ores in Surficial Environments

The course is open to graduate students from any university as well as professionals in the industry.  Graduate students registered in the course may be eligible for credit toward their degree programs.  Industry participants may receive credit toward professional training requirements. 

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