Advisory Board – Ex-Officio Member

Sandra Dorman, BScH, PhD

Full Professor, Faculty of Health

Director, Centre for Research in Occupational Safety and Health

Dr. Sandra Dorman is a Full Professor in the Faculty of Health at Laurentian University and the Director of the Centre for Research in Occupational Safety and Health (CROSH). Her expertise in is physiology/pharmacology and her research program focuses on health promotion and disease prevention in the occupational setting. Her recent work has centered on fatigue mitigation in physically demanding workforces with high incidences of fatigue-related injuries.


Currently, she is focusing on two primary themes in the occupational setting: 1) modifiable contributors to fatigue; and 2) the use of wearable technology in the occupational setting. She has a track record for successfully addressing host-identified problems and communicating information back to the host organization. She has authored over 25 papers and received over $5 million in research funding, including funding related to two infrastructure development projects: the Mobile Lab (M-CROSH); and the Workplace Simulator (W-SIM).