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Laurentian University’s world-class programs lead to a vast array of career opportunities in the mining sector and beyond.


The industry is poised for exponential growth and is seeking mining executives and sector professionals to join its workforce. We invite you to discover career options and pathways to a successful future. Whether you imagine yourself in a corporate boardroom, travelling the world or in the great outdoors, we have a bright future in mind for you!

Earth Sciences


Harquail School of Earth Sciences

BSc Earth Sciences

Explore the Earth and its natural resources.

BSc Environmental Geoscience

Learn how the Earth and life on it have evolved

Natural Sciences

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

BSc Chemistry

Study the properties of living and non-living things at a molecular level.

Certificate in Environmental Chemistry

Study the properties of living and non-living things at a molecular level.

Department of Biology

BSc Biology

Study the science of life.

BSc Restoration Biology

Protect and enhance our global ecosystem.


Faculty of Mangement

Business Administration (BBA)

Business training beyond the classroom.

Business Administration – Accounting

A pathway to a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation.

Business Administration – Finance

Become fluent in finance.

Business Administration – Human Resources Management

Prepare yourself for a changing business world.

Business Administration – Marketing

Brand yourself and lead progressive change.

Business Administration (Online BBA)

Business training beyond the classroom.

H.B. Com Sports Administration

The business of sport.

Minors available for all Business Administration streams.


Bharti School of Engineering

BEng Chemical Engineering

The science and study behind the building blocks of life.

BEng Mechanical Engineering

Create solutions out of new products and processes.

BEng Mining Engineering

Discovery and exploration thousands of feet below the earth.


Chemical Engineering Specializations

  • Extractive Metallurgy and Mineral Processing Option
  • Environmental Sustainability Option

Mechanical Engineering Specializations

  • Mechatronics Option

Occupational Safety and Health

There are no undergraduate options. Please see graduate programs.