Executive Programs

We’re proud to present the Goodman Executive Programs


Executive programs are a cornerstone of the Goodman School of Mines’ identity and are designed to be a key part of a “Life Long Learning” strategy for students, graduates, professionals and community members alike. Their creation at undergraduate and graduate levels, in modular, short-course and distance education formats will fit with personal education choices to receive instruction in the classroom, at home and in remote communities or job sites.


Each Executive program is made up of a series of mini-modules that can be taken individually or in series. An official Laurentian University certificate of participation will be awarded to the participant if all mini-modules are completed. Participation in the courses can be used as professional development hours and in some cases will count as professional certification.

Upcoming Executive Programs

Project Management - Upcoming Course

Project Management Essentials – November 5-6, 2018

This course is designed to give new project managers and project team members an overview of the
various tools and techniques of project management and the key elements needed to deliver successful
projects. This course covers the complete project lifecycle from initiating, through project planning
and execution, to project close-out. 21 PDUs.

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Introduction to Agile Project Management – November 7, 2018

This course aims to introduce participants to the agile way of working using the common Scrum
framework. The course expands the framework to include an overview of agile requirements
management techniques and agile estimating and planning techniques that are used to set reasonable
stakeholder expectations at the start of an agile project. 7 PDUs.


Business Analysis for the Project Manager – November 8-9, 2018

This course is designed to give Project Managers and project practitioners a better understanding of
Business Analysis. They will learn how to employ business analysis tools, techniques, and approaches
for better project outcomes. 14 PDUs.

Executive Program Offerings

Project Management
Leadership by Design
Exploration Targeting
Resource Evaluation (Discovery to Feasibility Stage)
  • Drill Core Sampling, Mineralogy and Geometallurgy in support of Resource Estimation (Cancelled)
  • Resource Estimation, Reserve Calculation and 43-101 Reporting (Cancelled)
Economic Evaluation and Investment Decision Methods
In Development

The Goodman School of Mines Workshops pertain to current issues of interest to the industry. Students and professionals are invited to attend these workshops as participation can count toward professional development hours or as a co-curricular event.


For more information, please refer to our Workshops.



Lecture Series

The Goodman School of Mines Lecture Series were created to present current topics of importance and interest about the mining industry to students, graduate students, alumni, industry professionals and members of the community. Each lecture will be recorded, with the permission of the speaker, so that anyone can access the content at anytime from anywhere in the world.


The vision of the lectures is to promote an environment in which the participants can ask questions and learn first-hand from experienced industry professionals in a broad variety of topics that encompass the scope of the mining industry as a whole.


For more information, please refer to our Lectures Series.